Product Overview for the Coal, Steel and Mining Industry

INDUTECH was established in 1994 and is specialized on high performance online-analysis for process control purpose, and with more than 30 years of experience INDUTECH’s Engeneers are working mainly in the following fields :

Analyzers for Coal Mines, Coking Plants and Power Stations to determine:

  • Ash content
  • Moisture content
  • Sulphur content
  • Carbon in fly ash
  • Calorific value / inerts
  • Ash fusion
  • Volatiles
  • Trace elements, as arsenic
  • Solid and ash content of slurries
  • Complete elemental composition of ash
  • Recognition of coal, coke, petrol coke and slag

All system include a sophisticated evaluation with data acquisition, calibration, visualization and data recording on PC and an interface to the PLC.

PMD 2450
Precision Microwave Device – Microwave-Moisture Measurements

The PMD 2450 covers the experience gained over 4 generations of the instruments, based on the microwave transmission and the phase method, which was developed by the founder of the company. The original method was remarkably improved by Indutech. This gains large advantages compared to earlier generations of the instrument, in a noticeably increased accuracy, especially for thin layers, inhomegeneous products and concentration measurements.

Gamma Tranmission Ashmeter

The GTA-Product line si based on the well known Dual Energy Method with nuclear gamma sources of different energies. This method is known to be strongly influenced by changes of the elemental composition of the ash, especially of the calcium and iron content. To reduce these disturbances indutech developed the Triple Energy Method and solved finally these interferences by a combination of GTA and OXEA.

Online X-ray ElementalAnalyzer (Patended)

The OXEA® product line is based on X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and determined the elemental composition of the measured product. Indutech has modified the well known XRF technique, for online applications. All elements with an atomic number > 10 can be detected down to the ppm-range.
The OXEA® was a first mainly used in power stations to determine the sulphur and ash content of coal and gives a high level of accuracy obtainable with online analyzers. In the meantime OXEA® is also used for a large variety of non-coal applications. OXEA® is protected by several worldwide patents.

Remote Service per modem or internet connection is available for all devices. This saves time and money.

Case study: Case Study of an Improved Online Coal Analysis System

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