OXEA®- atline series VS With Type Approval As Full Protection Device

  • no need for radiation protection officer
  • no complicated licensing procedure forthe equipment
  • only a declaration to the responsible authority is needed

Ideal for

  • Coal Fueled Power Station
  • ??????????  - to check samples ofthe incoming coal
      - to check samples of final and intermediate products
  • Coal Preparation Plants
  • Others

0XEA@- atline measure
on bulk material with < 10 mm particle size - easy, less preparation work

  • the whole elemental composition -in 2 min.
  • ash - and sulphur content
  • ash fusion and volatiles
  • moisture and caloritic value

These features are not available in all other standard XRF Laboratory devices. Amortisation of the OXEA® atline series VS Analyzer in a very short time.

Technical Data for OXEA® atline series VS ·full protection device

Sensor Unit /Atline
Stainless steel / 3 mm
Dimensions (LXVVXH)
Protection type
16.1 X 19.7 X 9.0 Inches
99,2 lbs
408 X 500 X 228 mm
45 Kg
High voltage supply
Protection type
29.9 X 29.9 X 8.3 Inches
110,13 lbs
lP 66
760 x 760 X 210 mm
50 Kg
IP 66
Avg. Particle size
<1/4·br /> <10 mm
Operating temperature
-22° F to 22° F
-30° F to 50° F
Power supply
100- 24OV VAC no mi nal, 16 A


X-ray tube
m odel: IT XR S4-40
40kV1,2 mA
X-ray detector
Pelttier - cooled silicium drift detector
Type: IT XR D2-5/155-8.0Be
155 eV FWHM resolution
@ 5.9 kev, 55f e
Moisture meter
Precision microwave detector
PMD 2450, or halogen dryer
Transmission measurement
(attenuation and phase)
intel CeIeron ® processor, 2000
MHZ or better
80 GB hard drive or better
17" flat screen
or comparable device


OXEA·evaluation software
Microsoft@ Windows XP Pro
M icrosoft ® Oflice (Option)
Network interface card
56 Kbps standard
or network interface card
Requires a free phone line or internet connection for service
Analysis period
Short proximate analysis
1-2 minutes


Type approval as full protection device
BfS 08/08 V R Ö V
Radiation outside the analyzer Below th e detection limit


Accuracies under regular conditions Typical RMSD lor coal:
5% of measuring range but not <
± 0 ,4 - O.7% ash
± 10,3-0.6% water content
± 0,05-015% sulphur
± 250 KJ / Kg
The achievable accuracy will be
determined by measuring your samples
Performance test
ln accordance with lSO/DIS 15239


Service (optional) Se rv ice contract Check I Calibration
Interfaces PLC System

DeviceNel, Modbus, Dust 3964R, Profibus


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