Volatiles Online – Measurement of Coal OXEA® Online X-ray Elemental Analyzer

Without Nuclear Sources
main belt installation - sensor on a sled to control the coking oven
  • coal ca. 300 t/h
  • 7 days / 24 hours per day
  • belt speed 1,8 m/s
  • evaluation - PC in a control room
  • connection to PLC

Advantages for the process
  • the desired temperature of the coke can be reached with a low deviation
    • to high temperature - waste of energy
    • to low temperature - bad coke quality
  • impurities (e.g. ore) can be recognized
  • the filling degree of the coke oven can be determined

  • high availabitily
  • easy calibration
  • low maintenance costs
  • hits all expectations

Amortisation ofthe OXEA Analyzer in very short time

Results of the calibration

measuring: ash, sulphur, volatiles, bulk density, moisture

Coking coal
Results of the calibration

  Correlation coeff. Standard dev.
ash 0,826 0,192wt_-%
volatiles 0,950 0,475 wt.-%
sulphur 0,899 5,424 wt.-%
bulk density 0,866 0,019 kg/m3

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