Microwave Moisture Measurement of wood chips in the Paper Industry


  • accurate high selectivity on water accuracy < 1,5 %
  • inline contactless measurement directly at the existing conveyors without extensive mechanical sampling devices
  • representative sensing of a large percentage of the material flow due to the transmission geometry. The whole volume, not only the surface is analyzed
  • no radio-active source alternatively an electro-mechanical belt weigher can be used to correct the variation of the area weight

Technical Specifications PMD 2450



IP 65

weight 9.0 kg

dimension 30.5*24*37.5cm ( H * W * D)


touch screen 114mm x 64mm

graphical display

128 x 256 Pixel

display back light with automatic shut


touch screen Matrix 6 x 16

power requirement

90 - 260 Volt AC, 45 - 65 Hz


measuring principle



The measured material is transmitted

with microwaves.

attenuation and phase shift caused by

the material is determined.


frequency: 2.4 - 3.0 GHz

transmitted power: < 0,01 mW

dynamic range: 50 dB

precision: < 0,2 dB, < 0,2° / GHz

synchronisation with optional weight


I/O connectors


2 N-connectors for input and output
2 N-connectors for reference cable
counter: area weight compensation tachometer max. 6 counters
16 bit
opto-coupled pulse width > 0,5 µs
voltage 4,5 V - 30 V
digital input signals
measurement (start/stop)
sampling (start/stop)
batch (start/stop)
belt signal (start/stop)
8 digital input, opto-coupled
digital output signals
alarm outputs
system error manage
4 digital output
open collector
opto coupled or relays
analogue input signals
area weight compensation
2 x 0/4 - 20 mA oder PT 100 analog
input, 12 bit, galvanically isolated
analogue output signals 4 x 0/4 - 20 mA analogue out, 12 bit,
galvanically isolated
serial interface 1 serial interface alternatively RS 232 or
RS 485


different antennas or measuring cells


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