Dry Substance Measurement of Wood Chips using Microwaves

The determination of the dry substance resp. the moisture content of the wood chips is an essential value for the control of the boiling process in the paper production: A constant relation of water / dry substance is preferred to obtain a constant rate of chemical additives. This relation is influenced by the moisture content of the wood chips. To avoid dead times the measurement of the moisture content has to be installed directly in front of the boiler. The ideal location is the discharge of the chip silo. Here the wood chips have a dry substance content of 45-50% ds. Commonly the material is carried out with a rotary vane feeder. The installation of the measurement above this feeder was proven as ideal location. The chip discharge shaft has a size of 600 x 800 mm². To perform the measurement the shaft is transmitted by microwaves. This ensures a representative measurement. After dedicated developments to adapt the standard moisture meter for this application the use of the device leads to an optimized balance of the boiler and therefore to a reduction of the chemicals consumption.


Additional products for the paper industry

  • moisture of paper webs
  • (fixedly installed or traversing)
  • moisture of wood chips (conveyor / silo)
  • moisture of paper bales or paper drums
  • concentration measurement in tubes or vessels
  • optional with compensation of air bubbles
  • thickness measurement of coatings
  • analysis of waste water
  • ash content of paper
  • area weight of paper webs

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