Forensic & clinical toxicology reference standards

Broadening the scope of therapeutic monitoring and clinical and forensic testing services

Forensic & clinical

Clinical applications Sports drugs & steroids
Drugs and metabolites Standard solutions of drugs of abuse & metabolites
Drugs in blood, hair, serum and urine Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
LoGiCal reference materials WADA funded sports drug testing materials

Whichever drug or metabolite you are analysing, we can provide the reference materials for all your clinical, forensic and sports testing needs.

We have solutions, powders and matrix materials, with analytes and at concentrations appropriate for you and your laboratory workflow. To help you source just the reference material you need, we bring together a unique and comprehensive range of standards for prescription drugs, drugs of abuse, new psychoactive substances (NPS), steroids/sports drugs, antibiotics, stable isotope labelled drugs, drug metabolites, alcohol standards, derivatising reagents and phytochemicals.



Our LoGiCal range, manufactured in-house at our European production facilities offers you a choice of solutions (produced under ISO Guide 34.) and powders

Our experience in the sourcing and synthesis of reference materials helps you to achieve the required accuracy in measurement science, and stay compliant with international regulations.

Our expert teams monitor the dynamic world of controlled substances and new drugs to ensure we can source your reference materials and ensure that all necessary import/export permits are procured for speedy world-wide distribution.

Use our advanced search tool at the top of the page to search by name, product or CAS number to find your reference or matrix material for:

  • Antibiotic standards
  • Antifungal standards
  • Biology standards
  • Blood standards
  • Clinical standards
  • Drugs in hair
  • Drugs standards
  • Metabolite standards
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Proteins standards
  • Phytochemicals
  • Sports standards
  • Toxicology standards
  • Veterinary standards
  • Vitamin standards
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