Pharmaceutical reference standards

Over 10,000 reference standards for impurities, APIs and excipients


LGC impurities Other
LGC primary standards Pharmacopoeial / Monograph standards

Are you looking for a comprehensive and trusted source of reference standards to meet your pharmaceutical quality control and analysis requirements?

Built on years of experience in quality manufacturing, our international production facilities offer you unparalleled capabilities from sourcing and synthesis to characterisation and certification. We work to the highest accreditation levels to offer you the quality and robustness you need in pharmaceutical reference materials. LGC impurity and primary reference standards fulfil ICH, FDA, EMA and other regulatory body requirements. Using LGC‘s reference standards ensures that you are well equipped and prepared for all audits or inspections.


Technical excellence

When you use LGC-manufactured impurities and primary standards, you can be certain that you are getting the best quality as all LGC standards are produced in ISO Guide 34 accredited facilities.

We provide you with the most extensive certificate of analysis (CoA) on the market which means that you can be sure that our underlying production processes satisfy your GMP, GLP and other regulatory needs.

We have a team of dedicated specialists who can help you find the correct reference standard for your needs to make sure you meet all regulatory requirements.

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