Food Safety

InstantLabs Food Safety and Species Identification Test System

InstantLabs' integrated Hunter® Real-Time PCR instrument, in combination with a portfolio of easy-to-use food safety and species identification test kits, allows for rapid, accurate detection of dangerous food pathogens and unintentional ingredients.

Hunter® Real-Time PCR Instrument

Easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable, the Hunter® Real-Time PCR instrument puts the speed, accuracy, and reliability of PCR into your operation without the high cost or need for extensive training of other real-time PCR systems.

Food Safety Kits

Each food safety kit contains all the reagents necessary to go from an enriched sample to results. All components from sample extraction to lyophilized PCR reagents are color coded and numbered to ensure the traceability of your testing. Our protocols are designed with a minimum number of steps and ease-of-use in mind, giving you confidence in your product's safety.

est kits optimized for ease of use, rapid thermal transfer and optical detection

Food Verification / Species Identification Kits

Similar to the food safety kits, each color-coded kit contains all the reagents necessary to go from samples to results in less than 2 hours, giving you and your customers piece of mind in the purity of your products.

More target organisms are in development.


Delivering-Reference-Laboratory-Results-at-the-Point-of-Need  (PDF)
Pooling-White-Paper (PDF)

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