Food Purity and Identification Kits

Fast and easy DNA-based test to determine the purity of your products

Product purity is of top priority when it comes to consumer confidence.  The many reports of impure products making headlines make it even more important reassure your clients and customers that the products they are buying from you are pure and unadulterated.  Protect your brand with the peace of mind that comes with InstantLabs' DNA based Food Identification Kits.

Available Kits Include:
Porcine Species Food Identification Kit (Pork) (PDF)
Equine Species Food Identification Kit (Horse) (PDF)

Others are in development

Simple to Use

InstantLabs' Food Identification Kits contain the reagents necessary for sample preparation and automatic analysis on the Hunter® Real-Time PCR Instrument.  With color-coded components and a streamlined protocol, even those with little laboratory experience can test accurately and confidently with minimal training.


When used with the Hunter® Real-Time PCR Instrument, InstantLabs' Food Identification Kits provide assurance that your product is pure, detecting as little as 0.01% contamination.

Fast Results

The InstantLabs' Food Identification Kits can detect adulterants in as little as 2 hours, allowing you to efficiently detect adulterants early so the problem can be remediated.


The fully-portable Hunter® Real-Time PCR Instrument is rugged and reliable, allowing you to test wherever and whenever desired.  Results are automatically analyzed and can be emailed and/or uploaded at the completion of the run.  Now you can ensure product purity directly at your facility or in a traditional laboratory setting.


InstantLabs' Porcine Species Food Identification Kit along with the Hunter® Real-Time PCR Instrument is officially approved as part of the Halal certification process by the Islamic Society of Washington Authority.

Let us show you how the Hunter® Real-Time PCR System can protect your brand— CONTACT US for a free demonstration or trial.

Rapid, accurate porcine verification results

The Hunter Porcine DNA Detection Test Kit processes and delivers accurate porcine DNA test results in less than two hours. This easy-to-use, point-of-need porcine DNA test brings the power of quantitative, real-time PCR diagnostic technology to any location, simply, affordably and reliably.

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