Listeria Species and Listeria monocytogenes Food Safety Test Kits

Simple, Fast and Accurate Listeria DNA Detection at the Point-of-Need

Listeria AOAC

InstantLabs' Listeria Species and Listeria monocytogenes Food Safety Test Kits, along with the easy-to-use Hunter Real-Time PCR instrument , provides Listeria DNA molecular testing results for foods and environmental surfaces more quickly and easier when compared to traditional PCR pathogen testing. Contamination with Listeria species and/or L. mono can be determined in as little as 24 hours.

Simple to Use

InstantLabs' Food Safety Test Kits contain all the reagents necessary for sample preparation and automatic analysis on the Hunter® Real-Time PCR instrument. With color-coded kit components and a streamlined protocol, even those with little  laboratory experience can test confidently and quickly with only minimal training.

PCR Cartridge

Fast Results

The Listeria Species and Listeria monocytogenes Food Safety test can be completed in as little as 24 hours, allowing you to efficiently clear products and detect any problems in your manufacturing process early so they can be quickly remediated.


InstantLabs' Listeria Species and Listeria monocytogenes Food Safety Kits offer dependable results using industry-proven real-time PCR. The simple protocol combined with the intuitive touchscreen-driven operation of the Hunter® reduces the possibility of mistakes by lab technicians, translating to faster and more reliable results.


The fully portable Hunter® Real-Time PCR instrument is rugged and reliable, allowing you to test wherever and whenever desired. Results are automatically analyzed and can be emailed and/or uploaded at the completion of the test. Now you can ensure product safety directly at your facility or in a traditional laboratory setting.

Ask us how the Hunter Real-Time PCR Pathogen Detection System can improve your efficiency – contact us for more information or a free demonstration.

Listeria Species Product Brochure (PDF)
L. mono Product Brochure (PDF)

Why Test for Listeria ?

 While the most recognized (and regulated) strain of the genus is Listeria monocytogenes (L. mono ) any of the eight Listeria strains can be deadly, making it a lethal group of pathogens globally. Hidden in foods as diverse as dairy, produce, meat, and poultry products, the Listeria genus can cause severe—and sometimes deadly—disease in susceptible populations such as pregnant women, children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. It can also be a very difficult problem to eradicate in a production plant; Listeria thrive in colder climes, making those nooks and crannies in processing equipment a haven for the deadly bug to hide.

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InstantLabs' Listeria Species and Listeria monocytogenes Food Safety Test Kits , designed to work with the Hunter system , have AOAC Performance-Tested Methods SM Certification.

Rapid, Accurate Listeria Detection Chart

Listeria Species Sample Test Results

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