(Made in USA)

Type : M-SPL-177

The Jones Riffle Splitter is also known as a riffler of riffle splitter. It is designed to reduce the bulk of material to a convenient representative size for laboratory analysis.

When used properly, it provides an accuracy that is recognized throughout the industry. A hopper receives the material to be split, then the material flows through a series of equally divided compartments of chutes, sending 50% of the sample to the left side pan and 50% of the sample to the right side pan. The Jones Riffle Splitter is simple and easy to use. It is very easy to clean up, with all parts open and easily accessible. The dimensions used to size each Jones Riffle Splitter are, first, the chute width, second, the number of chutes, and third, the length and width of the hopper.

The Jones Riffle Splitter consists of a aluminum hopper (16 gauge) of chutes 1.27 cm. 2 sample pans are supplied with each Jones Riffle Splitter.

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