Semi Automatic Sulfur Analyzer

Application area

It is applicable in the industry such as electrical power, coal, commerce inspection, environment protection, metallurgy, papermaking, petrochemical, earth probe, and the research institution or quality inspecting organization to measure the sulfur content in the materials of coal, cinder, coke, catalyst, minerals, rock, and petrochemicals.

Technical parameters

Furnace temperature: 1150°C
Temperature controlling precision: ± 2°C
Sulfur testing resolution: 0.001%
Sulfur testing range: > 0.01%
Testing time: 5 min per sample
Sample number: 20 samples in carousel while samples can be added during test
Sample weight: 45mg~85mg
Power Supply: 220V, 50/60Hz
Power: ≤ 3kw
Dimension: 1020mm X 500mm X 380 mm
Weight: 68 kg


  1. Adopting the integrated configuration, put the sample feeding device, electrical scale, vertical high temperature cracking furnace, electrolytic cell, stirrer, and gas purification system in a single container. Thus to make the instrument concise and graceful.
  2. Specially made crucible is used to replace the traditional porcelain boat in sample feeding. Testing with the principle of coulometer.
  3. 20 samples can be loaded a time, controlling procedures realized the automation of continuous sample feeding, weighting, testing, storing, and print. All the work the operator need to do is to deliver the samples, thus greatly enhanced the working efficiency.
  4. Testing time, normally about 5 minutes, can be automatically judged according to the different samples.
  5. Adopting the multi-spots dynamic coefficient correcting method, the system error can be automatically corrected by software, hence to make the testing result more accurate.
  6. Using the PID temperature controlling algorithm, hence the temperature control is more accurate and the temperature rise more quickly. Using contact less switches. Have over temperature protection and electrolyte anti-backflow facility, thus to make the system safe and reliable.
  7. Adopting the advanced USB technology, one computer can control several instruments. And the synthesized instrument can be composed combined with other instruments.
  8. Completely support Windows systems; high stability; can link electronic scale and share data in long distance.

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