What is On-line Analyzer?

The technology most frequently found in bulk material analysis is relied on activation of the material on the conveyor belt in real time testing by:

Based on the wavelenght source, the Online Analyzer can be divided in:

  • Neutrons, and the instantaneous emission of gamma rays from nuclei which have absorbed neutrons. Capitalizing on the unique gamma ray spectrum associated with each element, the instrument can perform an analysis each minute on the composite spectrum to determine the overall elemental composition of the material.

    For example, the picture above use as radioactive sources 241Am with 60 KeV and 137Cs with 660 KeV and detectors on conveyor belt.

  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), elemental measurement by using X-Ray tube instead of radioactive sources (for more information about XRF).
  • Microwave, measurement of moisture content in bulk materials using microwaves. Moisture measurement using this technique is based upon the relatively high dielectric constant of water in comparison to the dielectric properties of other materials.


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Video OXEA Mainbelt sled application - YouTube


Video OXEA Bypass application - YouTube


Video OXEA Pneumatic Lifting – onsite - YouTube

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